Core Values

  • Family

    We embrace the heart of God our Father who gives us a place to belong. As individuals and households, God has called us to relate and minister as His family. God’s family is built on the foundation of Jesus, and is strengthened by Spiritual Fathers (Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers) who equip, edify, and serve the church.

  • Households and Generations

    We are committed to strengthening households, the first covenantal institution ordained by God, and a basic element of establishing His Kingdom and fulfilling His mission on the earth. We value an inter-generational approach to life that involves worshipping, praying, serving, working, and playing together. Our goal is to raise up families devoted to discipling their children to fulfill their God-given purposes.

  • Normal Christian Life

    We value a Christian lifestyle marked by authenticity and maturity, and characterized by demonstrations of the power of God. This lifestyle is a daily experience that is expressed in our relationships at home, at work, and in the community and is the result of a vital walk with God through His Word and Spirit.

  • Kingdom Mindset

    We pursue a model of ministry which recognizes that we need one another.  Our passions, desires, gifts, ethnicity, and culture may differ, but it is TOGETHER that we fully express the glory of God and fulfill His purposes on our lives. We choose to live together in unity, honoring one another and partnering with others in the local church and in the kingdom of God.

  • Outreach

    We keep the mission of establishing the Kingdom and bringing others to Christ at the forefront of our ministry.  Having a local and global view of that mission, we strive to make the message relevant without compromising the good news, and we look for everyday opportunities to demonstrate God’s love through meeting practical and spiritual needs.