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Aug 14, 2020


Welcome to River Oaks Church, a trusted name in our community, offering valuable resources to address addiction. We understand the challenges individuals face and are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for recovery.

Our Commitment to Addiction Recovery

At River Oaks Church, we are committed to helping individuals overcome addiction and find hope, healing, and restoration. Our programs and services are designed to address the specific needs of those struggling with addiction in Virginia Beach.

Supportive Community

We believe that a strong community plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Our welcoming community fosters a sense of belonging and offers support for individuals going through challenging times.

Faith-Based Approach

Our faith-based approach to addiction recovery combines the power of spirituality with evidence-based practices. We believe that faith can provide inner strength and motivation for transformation.

Comprehensive Addiction Resources

At River Oaks Church, we offer a wide range of resources to help individuals struggling with addiction. Whether you are personally affected or seeking assistance for a loved one, we have programs and services that can make a difference in your journey toward recovery.

1. Counseling and Support Groups

We provide professional counseling services and support groups led by experienced therapists and counselors. These sessions offer a safe space to openly discuss challenges, share experiences, and receive guidance from trained professionals.

2. Rehabilitation Programs

Our rehabilitation programs combine evidence-based treatments with a holistic approach. We address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery, ensuring individuals receive comprehensive care.

3. Educational Workshops and Seminars

We organize workshops and seminars that focus on addiction education and prevention. These events aim to raise awareness about the dangers of addiction, equip individuals with coping strategies, and provide valuable resources for families and loved ones.

4. Faith-Based Support

Our faith-based support groups offer an additional layer of guidance and encouragement for individuals seeking recovery. These groups combine biblical teachings with a supportive community, empowering individuals to find spiritual healing alongside their journey to sobriety.

5. Resources for Families

We understand that addiction affects not only the individual but their families as well. To support families impacted by addiction, we provide counseling services, workshops, and support groups designed specifically for their unique needs.

Why Choose River Oaks Church

1. Expertise: Our dedicated team has years of experience in addiction recovery and provides professional support in a compassionate manner.

2. Comprehensive Approach: River Oaks Church addresses addiction's physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, providing holistic care for individuals and families.

3. Welcoming Environment: Our supportive community fosters a sense of belonging and understanding, ensuring an atmosphere of acceptance for everyone.

4. Faith-Based Guidance: Incorporating faith into the recovery process can bring deeper meaning and strength to individuals seeking transformation.

5. Commitment to Long-Term Support: We are dedicated to providing ongoing support even after individuals complete our programs, ensuring a successful transition into a healthy and fulfilling life.


At River Oaks Church, we understand the challenges faced by individuals and families dealing with addiction. We strive to be a beacon of hope, offering comprehensive resources, support, and guidance throughout the recovery journey. Choose River Oaks Church for a holistic approach to addiction recovery, where faith, community, and compassionate care converge.

Nathan Wilkey
This church is doing incredible work to support addiction recovery in Virginia Beach.
Nov 9, 2023