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Oct 27, 2019
Ordinary Time

About Vacation Bible School

Welcome to the exciting world of Vacation Bible School (VBS) at ST. MARK Catholic Church, brought to you by River Oaks Church. This annual event is designed to provide children and youth with an immersive and captivating experience centered around the teachings of the Bible. We believe that through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and fellowship, children can deepen their faith, build lasting friendships, and make joyful memories. Join us this year as we embark on an unforgettable journey!

The Importance of VBS

Vacation Bible School plays a vital role in the spiritual development of children and youth. It offers a unique opportunity for them to explore the stories and teachings of the Bible in a fun and interactive setting. At ST. MARK Catholic Church, we understand the significance of nurturing young minds in faith and providing them with a solid foundation for a lifelong relationship with God.

Engaging Bible Lessons

Our VBS program incorporates captivating and age-appropriate Bible lessons that are tailored to meet the needs of children and youth. Through storytelling, group discussions, and hands-on activities, participants will learn about important biblical concepts, characters, and values. We strive to make these lessons both educational and entertaining to ensure that every child remains engaged and excited throughout their VBS journey.

Exciting Activities

Apart from the enriching Bible lessons, VBS at ST. MARK Catholic Church provides an array of exciting activities that cater to different interests and abilities. From arts and crafts, music and dance, to outdoor games, there is something for everyone to enjoy. These activities are carefully designed to integrate biblical themes and messages, allowing children to delve deeper into their understanding of the teachings while having a great time.

Fellowship and Community

VBS is not just about individual growth; it is also a time for children and youth to forge meaningful connections with others who share their faith. The welcoming and inclusive atmosphere created at ST. MARK Catholic Church encourages participants to interact, collaborate, and support each other. Lifelong friendships are often formed during VBS, as children and youth bond over shared experiences and a shared commitment to their spiritual journey.

Registration and Schedule

Registration for our highly anticipated Vacation Bible School is now open! To secure a spot for your child, visit our website at [insert website URL]. We offer flexible schedule options to accommodate different needs, ensuring every child gets a chance to experience the joy and growth that VBS provides.

VBS Dates and Venue

ST. MARK Catholic Church is proud to host Vacation Bible School from [insert start date] to [insert end date]. The VBS sessions will take place at our welcoming church premises located at [insert address], where children and youth will be able to actively engage in our themed activities and build their knowledge of the Bible.

Qualified and Caring Staff

At ST. MARK Catholic Church, the safety and well-being of our participants are of utmost importance. Rest assured that our VBS program is overseen by a dedicated team of qualified and caring staff members who are committed to creating a secure and nurturing environment for all participants. Our staff undergoes thorough background checks and receives training to ensure the highest standards of care and supervision.

Join Us for an Unforgettable VBS Experience

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be a part of ST. MARK Catholic Church's Vacation Bible School, brought to you by River Oaks Church. Register your child today and let them embark on an exciting journey of faith, friendship, and personal growth. We look forward to welcoming your family and creating cherished memories together!


Here's what some of our previous VBS participants and their families have to say about their experience at ST. MARK Catholic Church:

  • "VBS at ST. MARK Catholic Church was a transformative experience for our child. They not only learned about the Bible but also developed a deep sense of spirituality." - John and Mary Smith
  • "The activities offered at VBS were creative and engaging. Our children couldn't wait to attend every day!" - Sarah Johnson
  • "ST. MARK Catholic Church's VBS program brought our family closer together. We loved seeing our kids excited about their faith." - Mark and Emily Thompson

Join the growing number of families who have been enriched by our Vacation Bible School at ST. MARK Catholic Church. Register your child today, and let them embark on a faith-filled adventure!

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