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Feb 11, 2019

Get Involved and Make a Difference at River Oaks Church

Welcome to River Oaks Church, the hub of community and society, where faith and beliefs are nurtured and shared. Join us at ST. MARK Catholic Church and become part of our vibrant and welcoming congregation. Get ready to raise your hand and be actively involved in various impactful initiatives that contribute to the betterment of our community.

Our Mission: Connecting Faith and Community

At River Oaks Church, we are committed to building a strong connection between our faith and the surrounding community. We believe that faith is not meant to be practiced in isolation, but rather it should be shared, celebrated, and put into action to support and uplift all members of our society.

Through the various programs and initiatives we offer, we aim to create a positive impact both within and beyond the walls of our church. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive change, spreading love, hope, and compassion to all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

How to Get Involved

Do you have a passion for helping others, a desire to make a difference, and a willingness to serve? Then you are in the right place! River Oaks Church provides numerous opportunities to get involved and actively contribute to the flourishing of our community. Here are just a few ways you can lend a hand:

1. Community Outreach Programs

Our community outreach programs focus on identifying and addressing the various needs of our neighborhood. By participating in these initiatives, you can collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to positively impact the lives of those facing challenges and difficulties. Whether it's volunteering at a local shelter, organizing food drives, or supporting educational programs, your involvement can make a meaningful difference.

2. Youth and Education Programs

Investing in the youth is crucial for the betterment of society. At River Oaks Church, we offer a range of youth and education programs that aim to nurture, educate, and inspire young individuals. From Sunday school classes to after-school programs, we provide a supportive and nurturing environment where young minds can learn and grow.

Our dedicated team of volunteers and educators are passionate about helping young individuals develop strong moral values, explore their faith, and realize their full potential as responsible members of society.

3. Worship and Music Ministry

Music has a unique way of connecting people and uplifting spirits. If you have a passion for music and a desire to uplift souls through worship, our music ministry welcomes you! Join our choir, band, or orchestra and use your musical talents to inspire others during our worship services and special events.

Through the power of music, we strive to create a spiritual atmosphere that encourages reflection, prayer, and a deep connection with God.

4. Community Events and Celebrations

At River Oaks Church, we love to celebrate! We believe that coming together as a community for joyous occasions strengthens our bonds and fosters a sense of unity. From holiday gatherings and festivals to community picnics and fundraisers, there are countless opportunities to celebrate life, love, and faith alongside fellow members of our vibrant congregation.

Be sure to check our events calendar regularly, as we always have something exciting happening!

Join River Oaks Church Today!

Now that you have a glimpse of the wonderful opportunities waiting for you at River Oaks Church, take that first step and get involved! By raising your hand, you are embracing the chance to make a positive impact in our community and society.

Visit our Get Involved page on our website to explore all the different ways you can contribute and connect with us. Together, we can create a brighter future and continue spreading the love and teachings of our faith.

Don't miss the chance to be part of something greater than yourself – raise your hand at River Oaks Church today!

Rafael Labrada
I absolutely love being part of the ST. MARK Catholic Church community! It's an incredible feeling when you can make a difference and contribute to the betterment of our society. The various impactful initiatives here are truly inspiring. Let's raise our hands to get involved and create a positive change together!
Nov 11, 2023